Michael Jackson - From The Michael's Mind

quarta-feira, 14 de dezembro de 2011
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1.-One More Chance (The Making Of).
 2.-This Is It Re-Edited.
 3.-Like Stranger In Moscow (In The Mind Of Michael).
 4.-Billie Jean (Electric Moments)
 5.-There Must Be More Life Than This & Hold My Hand (Michael Edited Version Mind).
 6.-Beat it & Bad (Cassette Problems).
 7.-A Place With No Name (The Lost Tapes Reaharsals).
 8.-How To Write A Song (From Michael).
9.-Street Tendence (Michael's Urbans Rythms).
 10.-Somebodys Watching Me (From The Mind Of Michael For The Paparazzis).
 11.-Thriller (Immortal In The Mind Of Michael).
 12.-The Collector Of Memories.
 .:Bonus Songs By ishar Jackson:.
 13.-Forever In My Heart(By ishar Jackson).
 14.-L.O.V.E (By Ishar Jackson).

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Jason Baroni disse...

Qual foi a música instrumental usada para confeccionarem a música L.O.V.E.?

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