Jackson 5 - Cartoons Original Soundtrack

segunda-feira, 25 de abril de 2011
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01 Open Theme – Medley
02 ABC
03 Goin’ back to indiana
Pinestock U.S.A
04 I’ll be there
05 The young folks
06 I want you back
07 2-4-6-8
Mistaken Identity
08 I’ll bet you
09 16 Candles
Bongo Baby Bongo
10 My little baby
11 It’s great to be here
Winner’s Circle
12 The love you save
13 How funky is your chicken
14 Reach in
15 Can I see you in the morning?
The Wizard of Soul
16 The love I saw in you was just a mirage
17 Oh how happy
The Tiny Five
18 The wall
19 I will find a way
The Groovatron
20 Maybe tomorrow
21 Nobody
Ray and Charles: Superstars
22 (Come round here) I’m the one you need
23 We’ve got blue skies
Farmer Jackson
24 My Cherie amour
25 Honey Chile
Jackson Island
26 Ready or not (Here I come)
27 La-La (Means I love you)
The Michael Look
28 Darling Dear
29 Don’t know why I love you
Jackson Street, U.S.A.
30 Petals
31 She’s good
Rasho Jackson
32 One more chance
33 I found that girl
The Rare Pearl
34 Never can say goodbye
35 Mama’s pearl
Who’s Hoozis
36 Rockin’ Robin
37 Wings of my love
Michel White
38 Sugar Daddy
39 I wanna be were you are
Groove the Chief
40 I’m so happy
41 In our small way
Michael in Wonderland
42 Got to be there
43 Maria (you were the only one)
Jackson and the Beanstalk
44 Love is here and now you’re gone
45 Girl don’t take your love from me
The Opening Act
46 Little bitty pretty one
47If I have to move a mountain
48 Closing Theme – Medley including excerpts of:
I want you back · ABC · The love you save · Mama’s Pearl


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