Qualidade: 10
Servidor: Megaupload
Tamanho: 48 MB
Formato: MP3
Produção: Rafinha

1.-One Day In Your Life 4:16
2.-Rockin Robin 2:32
3.-People Make The World Go Round 3:14
4.-Happy (love theme from "lady sings the blues") 3:22
5.-With a Child's Heart 3:28
6.-Music and Me 2:36
7.-Got to be There 3:24
8.-Ben 2:46
9.-We're Almost There 3:43
10.-Just a Little Bit of You 3:11
11.-i Wanna be Where You Are 2:58
12.-In Our Small Way 3:39
13.-My Girl 3:09
14.-Dapper-Dan 3:10
15.-We've Got a Good Thing Going 3:03

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