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01 Carmina Burana Intro
02 Jam

03 Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'
04 Human Nature

05 Smooth Criminal
06 I Just Can't Stop Loving You
07 She's Out Of My Life
08 I Want You Back
09 The Love You Save
10 I'll Be There
11 Thriller
12 Billie Jean
13 The Way You Make Me Feel
14 Beat It
15 You Are Not Alone
16 Dangerous

01 Black Or White
02 Man In The Mirror
03 Earth Song
04 Heal The World (Spoken Version)
05 You Don't Stand Another Chance
(with Janet 12' Remix)
06 Will You Be The (Demo)
07 Space Dancer (Unreleased Song)

08 State Of Shock (with Freddie Mercury)
09 The Girl Is Mine (1981 Original Demoi)
10 There Must Be More To Life Than This
(MJ Solo Version)
11 There Must Be More To Life Than This
(with Freddie Mercury)
12 Baby Be Mine (early demo)
13 Get Out Of My Mind (Early Demo)
14 Billie Jean (Long Demo Version)

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