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Este arquivo contém todos
os remixes de Megajacko, nos anos
de 2006 e 2007.

Leave me alone (megajacko gus-mix)
(World hold on-Megajacko Gus-mix)
Megajacko Gus-mix 2006
Living on a player (Scream gus-mix)
Oops dont care about us (Megajacko Gus-mix)
Who is it (Megajacko Gus-mix)
Special version - Walking away remember Gus-mix
They dont care about us- buddha gus-mix
HIStory (megajacko gus-mix)
Remember the time in my memory (megajacko Gus-mix)
Whatzupwitu (Megajacko gus-mix)
I like Chopin + Who is it (Megajacko gus-mix)
I want you back - Oasis Chillout Gus-mix
Santa Claus to town (Megajacko gus-mix 2006-07)
Torture (Red bull Gus-mix)
Thats the way love dangerous Gus-mix Megajacko
Billie Jean - La camisa negra Gus-mix
My Love (GITM Megajacko Gus-mix)
Why you wanna trip on me(megajacko gus-mix)
Keep the faith - Mistery drums Gus-mix
Music (You rock my world-Michael Jackson Megajacko Gus-mix)
They dont care about us (Megajacko Gus-mix)
Gelosy (Dirty Diana Gus-mix)
Wanna be starting something (Megajacko Gus-mix 2007)
Never can say goodbye + Sexual Gusmix
Scream (Soul House Gus-mix 2006)
Scream -Black eyed peas-Megajacko Gus-mix
Scream (Black music Gus-mix)
2 Bad - Electro house Gus-mix
2Bad (Arabian Disco Gus-mix 2006)
2006 Watts (Megajacko Gus-mix)
Annie are you ok (buddha dance gus-mix)
Another part on me (Ritmo caliente Megajacko gus-mix)
Bad (Guitar Celtic Megajacko Gus-mix)
ad (Tango Chillout Gus-mix)
Beat it (Dance hot Gus-mix)
Billie Jean - Dance 2006 Gus-mix
Billie Jean (70`s Gus-mix Megajacko)
Billie Jean (Madonna`S Deeper & Deeper Gus-mix)
Blood on the dance floor - Superdance Gus-mix
Blood on the dance floor (Black music Gus-mix)
Blood on the dance floor (Orbit Gu-mix)
Blood on the dance floor (Salsa Megajacko gus-mix)
Dirty Cash (Minnah gus-mix 2007)
Break of Down (Black drums Gus-mix 2006)
Break of Down (Latin Sexy Black Gus-mix)
Butterflies (Black music Gus-mix)
Butterflies (Egyptian Dance-mix Megajacko)Excelent!
Butterflies (Music by Whitney H. Baladon Gus-mix)
butterflies summer-buddha mix
ant let get away (caja Gus-mix megajacko)
ome together (Subterranean Megajacko Gus-mix)
Dirty Diana (Techno Dance Gus-mix)
Dirty Diana Dance 2006 GUS-MIX
Dirty Diana feat Wonderland Avenue Gus-mix
Earth Song (Disco Dance Gus-mix 2006)
Earth Song (Music by Mariah Carey Ballad Gus-mix)
Fall Again (Romantic Dance Gus-mix)
Give in to me - Music by Santana Gus-mix
Give in to me (buddha BAR Gus-mix)
Give in to me (Paradise Chicane Gus-mix)
Give in to me -Megajacko Pacha 2006 Gus-mix
Heal the World (Intro Grace Drum 2006 Gus-mix)
Heartbreaker (Dance Rhythm Gus-mix 2006)
Heaven can wait - dance Gus-mix
HIStory - Music by Lucie Silvas Megajacko Gus-mix
HIStory (Black music Gus-mix)
HIStory (Bolero Megajacko Gus-mix)
HIStory (Minnah drums gus-mix)
HIStory (Singoli Elektro House Gus-mix)
Human Nature (Spanish Guitar Gus-mix 2006)
I just cant stop loving you -Spanglish Pop dance Gus-mix
In the closet - Electro Dance Gus-mix
In the closet (Rodney Jerkins Gus-mix)
Jam - Fashion Beach Gus-mix
Keep the faith (Caña Minnah Gus-mix)
Leave me alone (Simphonic Megajacko gus-mix)
Liberian girl - Arabic Chillout Gus-mix
Lost Children (Demo- Megajacko-mix 2007)
Love never felt so good (Megajacko 2007 Gus-mix)
Morphine (Angels Chill Gus-mix)
Morphine (Revolution Drums Gus-mix)
Pop & Chill 2007 Megajacko Gus-mix 2007 (Disco entero)
rivacy (Experimental Dance Gus-mix)
Remember the time - 70s Megajacko Gus-mix
Remember the time - Style Moby Gus-mix
Remember the time (Black music gus-mix)
Remixed 2007 by Megajacko

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Hi There :)

Any chance to re-load this huge mega-pack

Best Regards from Denmark

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